Audition Information

We can’t wait to hear you play.

Who Needs to Audition?
Auditions are required for all youth ensembles. Auditions are not required for our adult ensembles. Students are placed according to their skill and advance as their skills improve. There is a modest non-refundable $12 fee to audition.

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What Happens at a Placement Audition?

All students are asked to do the following:

  1. Play a prepared solo of their choice that demonstrates technique and can be performed confidently. Memorization and accompanist are not required.
  2. Sight-read an assigned selection. The student will be given one minute to review.
  3. Play scales are indicated in the requirements below.


Students should be comfortable playing in the major keys of G, C and D. Students may be asked to sight read, but if they are not yet comfortable sight reading please be sure to make that clear to the conductors and keep practicing!

Violin Scales – D Scale (1 octave), C Scale (1 octave), and G Scale (2 octaves if possible)

Viola and Cello Scales – D Scale (1 octave), G Scale (1 octave), and C Scale (2 octaves if possible)

Bass Scales – D Scale (1 octave), G Scale (1 octave) and C Scale (1 octave)

Concert Orchestra

Students should be comfortable playing in the major keys of G, C, D, A, F and Bb.

Violin Scales – C, G, D, A and Bb Scales (all 2 octaves) and F Scale (1 octave)

Viola and Cello Scales – C, G, D and F Scales (all 2 octaves)

Bass Scales – D Scale (1 octave), G Scale (2 octaves), C Scale (1 octave) and F Scale (2 octaves)


Students may be asked to play C, G, D, A, F, Bb and Eb major scales.

String players should play 2 or 3 octaves (preferred) scales in the keys above.

Wind players may play 1 or 2 (preferred) scales in the keys above and a chromatic scale.

Bowings and articulations for the scales are at the discretion of the player.

Schedule an Audition

Note: Auditions are not required for adult programs.

Schedule for a Student

Membership Requirements

Students must be involved in school orchestra or band and must provide a staff member’s name and contact info to register. Exceptions will be if no school orchestra or band program exists or in the case of a direct scheduling conflict.

Ensemble Drop + Refund Policy

Students dropping the program after the 2nd week of rehearsals or before the mid-year deadline (January 15) will receive a 50% refund if full tuition has been paid. Students dropping after mid year will not receive a refund. An email referencing the drop must be received by the deadline or the full tuition will be due.

Financial Aid

Limited financial aid is available to students who demonstrate a financial need.

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