Terryberry Gallery

Experience our Terryberry Gallery

Located on the lower level of the St. Cecilia Music Center building, the Terryberry Gallery showcases area artists throughout the year, making it a unique and beautiful space for hosting small receptions or as an overflow space when renting the Mika Music Library.

For room rental availability for your special event, please contact Event & Facility Director Carla Messing at 616.459.2224 (ext 204) or carla@scmc-online.org

April 2024 Exhibition

DeLaine M. Klar + Dennis O'Mara

DeLaine M. Klar
Life experiences that have left a mark on me influence my creativity. My favorite themes are moments in time, usually including people or animals. Subjects or scenarios from the news have also inspired some of my work. Although I paint for fun, it gives me joy knowing when my paintings have struck a chord with others.
These images all began from personal photos. I started each painting in grayscale, then began adding color and stopped when the painting best captured the story I wanted to convey. My goal as an artist is to paint subjects that resonate with me and to push myself into new territories by exploring different painting techniques and materials.

DENNIS O'MARA                                                           
When you travel or just go about your daily lives, there are always things that make us stop and look.
It may be a landscape set against an amazing sky, or a group of people going about their lives in an interesting location. A figure in a great pose with the light hitting them just right. These are the things I choose to paint. When you look at my paintings I hope it takes you to a place that would make you too, stop and look.


Friday, April 5 from 5-7pm
Throughout the artist's residency, select pieces are available for purchase through St. Cecilia Music Center. Contact Event + Facility Director Carla Messing at carla@scmcgr.org for more information.